There's so much happening in today's schools and communities. Our children are facing insurmountable odds, in and outside the classroom. There's so much to be done, in an attempt to resolve the national pandemic before us and we've accepted the challenge. Poised and positioned to help solve the educational crisis before us. So welcome to our mission, or as Dr. Gill says most eloquently, her ministry. Take your time. Look around our site and explore more about Dr. Gill and her personal and professional mission to empower, motivate and educate. Several videos are housed here as a window by way of understanding Dr. Gill's skillful approach to empowering audiences throughout the world. Getting children and adults alike to think critically while motivating them to change and grow personally is certainly a true gift. Her audiences range from babies in kindergarten to senior citizens. Masterfully, she captures all ages. From universities to churches and agencies and organizations, Dr. Gill takes great pride in teaching the masses the most about "who they really are." She makes no apologies for her diligence in using the instruction of Black History as a methodology in empowering audiences nationally. Her recent sight and work is set on her hometown Chicago, where she's determined to help eradicate the violence, helplessness and hopelessness. Coined as her History, Healing and Hope Tour, she's reached thousands of students in the city's most blighted and disenfranchised neighborhoods. Blackademically Speaking is her brainchild and her answer to America's greatest educational woes. From professional development sessions for teachers and administrators to parental workshops and enrichment seminars for children, her work is noteworthy. Yet, she still travels all over America to deliver messages of cultural clarity, competence and relevance. So hang out a little. Check out the videos and the beauty of our youth as they shout out their GREATNESS...

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